May 7th. Someone Who Inspires You.

I was all set to show an image I took of Bob yesterday while he got ready for Cubs(he is a leader), but then I uploaded the card and saw these images from Saturday night...Georgia singing with her dad and her uncle. The song 'There's a hole in the bottom of the sea'. My kids inspire me more than any single person on the planet...more than I thought it possible to be inspired by someone...and, this image truly speaks of that. Georgia was beyond shy. I mean painfully so. She has overcome that--even though she still has her moments which often seem like anger but are truly insecurity. She desperately wanted to sing to her Grandma as a birthday gift. The Pugh's are a very musical family, but they also believe in practice...and Georgia hadn't practiced. But, she proved tenacious so after a few minutes of working some details out, she sang her song. In front of a crowd of people. It was pretty awesome. ~ Dana