Merry Christmas

The last time I asked for nominations of families who may need some 'Christmas Cheer', I got a handful of stories. All of which touched my heart. But, this year...I was constantly moved to tears while I read the many stories of families nominated. Children who lost their parents. Parents who lost their children. Friends who did amazing things for people they barely knew. How would I choose? I mean seriously? And, I can't believe that I was feeling down about my own year...reading these stories of amazing strength and love reminded me that even in the worst of times, there is goodness. So, I finally chose a family. A family who is in the midst of treatment for one of their children who suffers from a rare form of leukaemia. They live in St. Albert, but half of them live in Calgary while the treatment happens...a family I had heard about before on Facebook and in the news back in St. Albert. Kurt and Deana Popowich and their two lovely children. Merry Christmas to you...I look forward to showing you what your love looks like. I know that it is amazing.

And, to all of my amazing clients and followers...from the bottom of my heart--THANK YOU!!!! I hope that this Christmas is the merriest of times for you...and that 2013 brings you many moments of great joy.

~ Dana