One of my favourite images from this fall and not a yellow leaf in sight. For me, is a picture of what it is like to be a family welcoming a new one. It also represents the type of image that I want to take...I want you to see yourselves sitting in your living room and know that there is beauty in the chaos around you...because sometimes family life is chaotic, but it is always beautiful. And, it is easy to forget that. So, I want to take the pictures that remind you of that fact. The mother in this image wrote me the loveliest email after she received her images. She agreed to let me share some of it with you all:

"I just wanted to say how much I believe in what you do and your vision. I've shown these to some friends and family and it's so interesting to see people's reactions. Some really prefer photos of everyone lined up and looking straight at the camera, or in some cute pose. And some (but not everyone) really see the beauty in capturing a shared glance or a facial expression or a feeling of day (warts and all). I desperately want to save those moments because when you look at them later, they tell you so much about who we were then. Photos like these become more valuable as time goes on, and I can't even appreciate how they will make me feel in the future when I look at them through the glasses of all our experiences yet to be lived."

~ Jenn and Aric

What a lovely present that email was...I am grateful that this mother is open to letting me share it with you. This image is 'family' to me. Warts and all :)


~ Dana