Mother's Day Gifts

This morning while driving the kids to school, a commercial came on the radio for diamonds. It said to give mom what she really wants this Mother's day. Jack asked me if that was true...he said that the media gives out conflicting messages(this is my 10 year old--he's an old soul). He said that according to most of the television shows he watches moms just want something that you put your heart could be a scrap piece of paper with a sweet little note on it and moms would be happy. He was confused because this commercial was saying that what she really wanted was this diamond pendant for $199. Which one do you want mom?

Of course, I told him that the scrap piece of paper would do. I said, heck...a hug would do :) I don't need anything. I have everything I could ever want. And, that's true. Don't get me are nice, but this year I just want to spend the day with my kids eating rolled up pancakes, working in the garden and jumping on the trampoline.

I guess I'm like most moms. We like the special gifts that dads sometimes surprise us with, but the little scrap pieces of paper with the special notes get framed or tucked away in a special drawer with other memories of our kid's childhood. We know that those moments of childhood slip away and the gift is in the living them.

This is the part where I say that a family photography session would make an excellent gift for a mom...and, it's true. It would. Especially grandmothers...they love that stuff ;) But, I don't want to diminish the handmade jars, the footprints in clay, or the sweet poems your children will give you on Sunday. Those are the real gifts...but, I would like to photograph some of those wee moments of you and your children so that you have those memories locked in a single frame. Printed on a wall or in a book for generations to come. So, dads...don't be caught at the card store on Saturday night. There won't be anything there for you anyways. Give me a call and we will truly give her a gift she'll cherish. After all--how do you compete with those scrap pieces of paper and the breakfast in bed that your kids will make?

~ Dana

PS--If your wife loves to take pictures, you might consider my next class on photographic storytelling. It is online and there is a payment link right from the blog post--in case you don't make it to the card store at all. :)