Older Children

True Story: Photographing older children used to scare me.

Just a bit.

Okay, I lied...quite a lot actually.

But, that has truly changed. I know that part of that is the fact that my own children are older. I also know that I have been privileged enough to photograph hundreds of children now, so I have found ways to connect with kids that I didn't understand before...of course, that is what happens when you spend years working on your craft. But, it's more than that. Now...truth be told...I like photographing older kids. They bring a depth to the session that only comes with age. I'm not saying that small children aren't deep--on the contrary. There have been way too many times when small children have blown my mind during a session for me to be that naive. But...if you can find a way to connect with older kids...it is so rewarding. You are able to see their past--who they were as a toddler and the little light of that still flickering beneath the surface. You are also able to see their future...a teeny little spark of who they just might become. Fascinating...

~ Dana