Online Mentorship For Professional Photographers

Hi! I have decided to take on a limited number of photographers for a month of online mentoring this winter. The mentoring will be done through a private forum where there will be live webcasts(if you can't make the live webcasts--they will be recorded so that you can view them at your leisure), videos, and pdf's available for download. There will also be discussion encouraged. It will be a four week program running for the month of February, but I will leave the group up and access to the videos through until the middle of March.

What We Will Cover

Week One: Technical discussion--including portfolio reviews and image critiques; taking technical risks; creating an action plan specifically for you to aid in your growth
Week Two: Creative discussion--personal projects; inspiration--where to find it; helping you find your voice(and why it is super important that you do!)
Week Three: Business discussion--branding; marketing; pricing; making your business work for you
Week Four: Student Lead--together we grow! This is where the group decides what we'll discuss. Pick my brain on any topic you like. I know that everyone has unique needs and I am hoping that this week gives us the time to address specific needs, as well as, further flush out topics that everyone might want to dig deeper into.
I will be limiting the number of students and already have quite a list of people interested, so if this is something you would like to do...act fast.


When: February 4th-March 1st, 2013

How Much: $300(+gst)

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