Do you Pin? I do. I love Pinterest for finding new recipes, crafts that I will probably never attempt, and all around pretty things to look at. This morning though, a friend of mine pinned this: I have always wanted to attempt a project like fact, I have started once or twice, but always fall short of finishing. Like MILES short. That combined with the fact that winter is coming to an end and I am feeling a need to recharge on the creative front has got me thinking. I should do this. I am not going to put strict rules on it. I might use my iPhone sometimes. I'll post it even if it sucks.

Anyone feeling up to it? Even if you aren't a photographer, I think this is something you can do on your phone and then keep a folder on a dedicated Pinterest board. It's just a matter of taking 5 minutes to yourself to do something fun and creative. If so, let me know in the comments below and we can follow each other(keep us on track). I'm giving you lots of notice to work up to this ;) We still have a few days before May hits...

And, if you don't already follow me on Pinterest, here is the link to my profile:

~ Dana