Project 52: Week One: NYC

Hello :)

I'm not good at these projects--especially the 365's, but I've had it in my mind to do a once a week one for awhile. I'll post the results here. Sometimes they won't be on 'time' as I am shooting a bit of my personal work in ~gasp~ film. But, I'll number them by the week so you can all keep track should you care to.

The only rule I'm going to impose is that it cannot be an image of my kids. This week I have so many to choose from because I just walked the streets of NYC with my husband and NO KIDS for the last few days. I know that some weeks, I will be running out at the last minute and snapping something quick, but...I am thankful that I am starting out on such a positive note.

I took this at the Highline Park in the West Village. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a family session at that park one day...we found out about it in one of our 'usual' ways. We always ask people what they suggest we do when we go somewhere. On this morning, we had brunch at Cafe Gitane in the Jane Hotel after I read about it on Pinterest(true story). I pinned it on my travel board and one of my friends said that they had just had brunch there and it was, we went. I had the Orange Blossom waffles with fruit and two cappuccinos(Bob has this nasty habit of setting the alarm clock when we are on holidays--so I was in need of caffeine). The song 'Skinny Love' by Bon Iver was playing and I said to the waitress that I thought that this song was arguably one of the best songs of all time...then, we started chatting. She was from North Carolina...we told her we once vacationed on Bald Head Island. She had just returned from her Christmas visit there....and, then we said--what would you do if you had some time in this area. And, she said 'I would walk the High Line can get cold, so you have to be prepared, but it is really a neat little walk'. So, we did. It is the old train line that has been converted to a park area that is also an 'art walk' with neat little exhibits displayed throughout. It was a great little find. Thank you lovely waitress from North Carolina...