Pughville on Pinterest

Are you all on Pinterest yet? I have been on there for awhile...I struggled to understand what exactly it was for at first, but...now that I have the hang of it...I absolutely love it. It is full of recipes that look delicious(but I'll probably NEVER have time to make), crafts I dream of making, and home decor inspiration that I simply cannot afford. ha. I still pin it all anyways...you know...for one day :) I do have a couple of boards for my clients--one being 'fun things to do with pictures'.

I am planning on getting a couple of wall groupings completed in my own home this winter, so I love having all of this inspiration! I promise I'll share--especially, my clean up of the gallery going down my stairs. It is a place in my house that everyone asks about, but I've never shown it because it needs ~ahem~ fixing to say the least. If any of my clients want to take pictures of wall displays they have created with the photographs I have done for them, I would love to share them here on the blog as well...and I promise to 'pin them' to my board!!

For me, Pinterest is the type of social media where you need to follow as many people as possible to get the most enjoyment out of it...so, if you don't already follow me on Pinterest, I'd love it if you did! I promise to follow you and follow all the things that inspire you :) Find me at Pughville.

If you're in Calgary and you don't have a million things to do like me...then, today is a perfect day to spend some time exploring the things people pin. Stay warm and drive safe people!

~ Dana