Real Love

This was a family wedding in the truest sense of the word. The ceremony was held at the farm that had been in the family for generations. Everyone played a part. People stepped up and offered to help in whatever way they could to make this the dream wedding for Ryan and Claire. The list of volunteers was longer than any list of vendors I've ever seen in a wedding blog post. That warmed my heart. Everyone was on their side. There to help make sure that the day was unforgettable. And, it was...what an honour to witness it. I once went to theatre school. I don't talk much about that time of my life, but the groom went to the very same theatre school(some years later of course). It was such fun to attend a wedding and see some familiar faces from my past life. It made me all nostalgic for the theatre days. I loved all of the singing...the lovely Andrea House sang the Beatle's Real Love...and it stuck with me for most of the day. Such a fitting song for the day.


'From this moment on i know

Exactly where my life will go

Seems that all i really was doing

Was waiting for love'

~The Beatles

Best chicken dance ever(every wedding going forward should have a man in a chicken costume make an appearance during the chicken dance...that is a sure fire way to get the party started). It was a day of people in costumes. There was an anime convention in town and some of the 'characters' stopped to pose with us. I thought it appropriate given that during their ceremony, the groomsmen(who, along with the groom form the band The Be Arthurs) sang this song from The Muppets. As a wonderful surprise to the bride, the groom had some of the guests jump up and sing along. I wish I did video. It was so sweet. Instead, I thought I'd share the bit from the muppets themselves.******UPDATED: I replaced the muppet version with one recorded by the actual people who did it on the wedding day. Aren't they awesome?


I love weddings that are full of personality. I would love to photograph more of them...

Thank you Ryan and Claire for including me. Your day was so genuine and thought-full and filled with loving, gracious people. What a joy.

~ Dana

PS--The parsley has a special meaning for them...I mentioned it in their engagement session post: