Right Before My Eyes

Most of my clients, I see multiple times. Some families, it's the same time every year...this is one of those families. Their kids grow up right before my eyes. The nice thing about visiting my regular families is that I'm comfortable enough to say...'hey, let's wait for a bit for this rain to pass because if the sun comes out afterwards, it will be gorgeous'...and, so we waited. And, it was worth it...even though our butts got wet and we were a teeny bit chilled.

And, for anyone who is at all familiar with my work, you'll recognize these two lovely ladies as the 'hammock girls'...An image from their first session with me ended up on a billboard in Time's Square to celebrate my being named 'NAPCP Child Photographer of the Year'...

~ Dana

PS--I know I said something about another family session coming up next...soon, I promise :)