I was recently in Charleston, SC for the NAPCP retreat. They had a senior shoot out organized and styled by the amazing Sarah Lane from Napa Valley. I thought I'd share some of my favourite images from the event(well, my favourite of this location and couple...who were my favourite). If you are Canadian, you are probably wondering 'seniors'? Hello? What? the USA, grade 12 seniors often have their own photo sessions to celebrate their graduation. Their parents will even buy full page spreads in the year book to showcase said images. Um, what? Right? Canadians are so behind the times ;) hahahaha...when I first heard about seniors photography, I thought I'd be shooting in a nursing home. hahahaha. nope. And, Sarah Lane(who is unbelievably sweet and kind), is the queen of seniors so it was fun to work with her. Even if no one will ever hire me for a senior's session! Check out this cute location and sweet couple.

Thought we could use a break from the underwater stuff. I promise to share more Belize images on my blog and, eventually, I'll add a Belize slideshow to my world images gallery.

Oh! And, I'm off to Vancouver for the Canada Photo Convention. I know--ANOTHER TRIP--well, this is it for awhile, so soon I'll be all caught up and able to blog more(at least that's what I'll tell myself).

~ Dana