The Future Home of Dana Pugh Photography

Calgary Family Photographer (Photo by Dana Pugh) I am super duper excited to be watching our new home be built :) Even more exciting is the fact that in the basement will be the coolest natural light studio around. I have big plans for this space. HUGE plans!!! I'll be looking for some super duper awesome families to take advantage of some super duper awesome offers for being the first ones to be photographed in that space. I will be approaching my past clients first, but if there are some of you out there reading who are expecting a baby in May 2015...or, will find themselves around 32-34 weeks pregnant in May 2015....and you would like to get on the list to be the first to receive the special email offers, I would love to hear from you now. I promise it will be an incredible offer where we will make awesome photographs that show you what your love looks like. I can't wait!!!

Did I say that I'm excited?

~ Dana