The Penguins are Here!

Calgary is lucky enough to have one of the best zoos in North America. We love going there to walk around and see all of the animals. This year they are opening a Penguin habitat. The indoor habitat is now available to visit--if you are patient enough to stand in a very long line. We were lucky and only waited 45 minutes, but we have heard tales of 2 and a half hours. They limit the time inside to 15 minutes per group...which is completely necessary if not a wee bit frustrating as it just flies by. I have to say that it was completely worth the line up. We were blown away. By far the best exhibit they have. I could have stayed in there much longer, but I thought that I would share with you the images that I did capture while we were there...

Just sharing some personal images. I couldn't decide if I should do it here or on our very neglected family blog...then, I decided that I would do it here...Happy Easter. Enjoy some family time together, but if you are smart you will wait until a week day to go see the penguins ;)

~ Dana