Winter Engagement Session | Calgary Wedding Photographer

CalgaryEngagementPhotos_01CalgaryEngagementPhotos_02CalgaryEngagementPhotos_03CalgaryEngagementPhotos_04CalgaryEngagementPhotos_05CalgaryEngagementPhotos_06CalgaryEngagementPhotos_07Calgary Family Photographer (Photo by Dana Pugh) danapugh.comCalgaryEngagementPhotos09CalgaryEngagementPhotos_10 CalgaryEngagementPhotos_11 CalgaryEngagementPhotos_12 CalgaryEngagementPhotos_13 I have shared a few of these on social media already, but haven't yet done so here. We were so incredibly lucky to get a beautiful snow fall with a bit of sun. Especially this year...when the snow here has been minimal. This couple is getting married in July and their wedding will set a record for past brides being present. I will have to get a photograph of me with all of them ;) It will also be my first wedding in a big red barn!! Can't wait ;)

I know I've been kind of quiet here lately, but I've been busy shooting, teaching, and preparing to launch my new studio sessions. Keep an eye out here for some awesome opportunities to be amongst the first to be photographed in my new studio coming soon ;) And, I still have a couple of spots for weddings this fall if you know of anyone who is looking!! Some popular dates are still open.


~ Dana