The Beginning

Because every blog post needs a photo(IMO), I thought I'd share this one of my friend. He is passionate about photography. He also has some disadvantages in life, but he is pretty positive and cool and LOVES to take photographs. I met him recently for coffee and a treat down in Fish Creek Park so I could help him focus on taking better images. I love to help people who are passionate about photography. True story. 

I am a wee bit frightened to start this little corner of my site. I think lots of photographers don't want to talk about the way things are for us out of fear that their clients will read it. Or, that others in the industry will read it and judge them and whisper behind their backs. Well...truthfully...I've experienced enough of the industry to know that THAT happens whether you speak your mind or not :) I also know that the clients I love and adore will respect me for speaking my mind. It will not cause judgement. And, so I have created this space where I hope to talk about the work. The real work of photography--be it the business work or the creative work--and my thoughts on it. I hope to perhaps share conversations I have with some of my incredible friends in the industry, as well as other inspirational tidbits. This will be a place for, if you are my client--you should consider yourself warned. This is the boring place ;) hahahahahaha.

I feel like an explanation of who I am and how I got started is, I'm going to start there--at the beginning. Which I guess is the logical place to start after all. I picked up a camera almost 10 years ago. I had been trying to photograph my very shy baby(Georgia) using the manual settings on my point and shoot. Needless to say, I was not getting the results that I wanted and so...I bought my first dSLR. Back then, there wasn't a lot of information online, but one thing was clear--if you wanted to learn anything in the forums you had to have a blog where you posted images(and a Flicker account) so people could give you critique. So, I got one and from that, I ended up building my business from it's orginal Short and Sweet Photography to what it is today. Much has changed over the years and now there is so much information that sometimes it can be overwhelming. It can especially be overwhelming to someone who is just starting out and has decided to build a career out of it. The photography industry is changing so rapidly that it is hard to know what to believe...and, so, recently, I came to the conclusion that the most important things to decide is what you believe. Put the blinders on to what everyone else is doing and do what YOU WANT TO DO. 

This little corner of my website is where I am going to publicly work all of that out for myself. I'll share my interviews on industry blogs/podcasts/websites, etc. I will also maybe conduct some interviews of my own friends within the industry. I'll share some images and talk about how I captured them. And, in general, you will just hear my thoughts about photography. Feel free to leave a comment or message me about stuff you'd like to know. One thing is for certain--I'm very opinionated ;) as nice a way as possible. 

~ Dana