Underneath It All

I've had this dress for almost a year...waiting for the right opportunity to use it. Recently, I remembered that sometimes you make your own opportunities.

For a long time, I let the voices of other people kind of creep into my work--both the photography part and the business part. I am not sure if it was due to a lack of confidence or just a bit of an 'artist's block' or maybe a combination of the two, but, eventually, those voices became louder than my own. It became hard to make sense of all the noise banging about in my head. The noise was so distracting I began to wonder if I would ever hear my own voice again. No lie. 

Then...well...I had an argument with someone. We argued over two points--one was creative and the other was business oriented. And, that person refused to hear me. It was in that moment that I realized that the voice inside my head no longer wanted to be silenced. That makes me sound a little bit crazy...hahahahaha...and, maybe I am. But, that person did me a huge favour. You see...that was the moment that my own voice started to drown out all the others. It was a rebirth of sorts for me creatively and I feel like I have been riding that wave for several months now. 

You see...I forgot a few things in my search for perfection. And, make no mistake, I was seeking to find perfection. I forgot that, for me, the most perfect of moments cannot be controlled or contrived or created. They must be observed. That, when you try to force things to go your way, you miss out on the beauty of the unexpected. I forgot that sometimes that is what life is trying to show you. 

Don't get me wrong. I learned a lot during those years when I was searching for approval or perfection. I learned a lot about the rules of business, as well as, the rules of photography. And, now I am learning to let them go and just show up and do the work. Because, underneath it all, it is truly that simple. 

So, here's to a new me. A me that is more willing to explore and create than ever before. A me that is through with hearing about how you are supposed to do it and is more interested in finding out how I want to do it. And, here on this part of my website, I want to share all of that with you. The raw, honest truth...maybe there are other people out there who will benefit from hearing it.  The old me would have wanted to write this post but would have been scared about the reaction from a few naysayers. Good thing I have silenced those voices now. 

~ Dana :)

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