Community Over Competition


I've decided to host an afternoon for local family and children's photographers in my studio. I'll be there willing to answer any questions you have on any topic--I make a mean crock pot stew, but I would also love to answer your industry specific questions. While I was in Toronto, I had the pleasure of connecting with Kelly Redinger and Nicole Ashley(plus, I also know Carey Nash and Kat Gill) and when I saw that they were hosting an evening for Edmonton wedding photographers, I didn't want the Calgary and area Family Photographers to be left out!! 

When I was first starting out, I used to go to photography meet ups all the time. Connecting with other local photographers helped me build my business and gave me real photographers to connect with whenever I felt lonely. Photography can be an isolating career at times and it's nice to have opportunities to not feel so lonely. So, I have decided to host an event in my studio for us all to connect and share knowledge. My studio space is limited, so tickets are also limited. I am charging $5 so that I can provide some drinks and snacks for everyone. And--just so you know, my studio is in Okotoks(it's closer than you think). 

Community Over Competition Event

Where: Dana's studio(she will email you the address)

When: Thursday, November 10th @1:00-3:00pm

I hope to see lots of you there!!



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