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So, as I have promised on social media, I am going to do a few in person pricing workshops this year. The first one will be held in my own studio in Okotoks on February 11th starting at 9:00am. This will be a little bit different than my online class as it will not only include the full pricing workshop, but I will also debut my new marketing class called 'Marketing Yourself: Beyond Social Media'. 

The second one will be on February 25th in Edmonton, AB at this gorgeous studio space. 

In March, I am looking at coming to Fort McMurray, AB and Vancouver, BC!!! So watch this space for that information!

In my pricing class, we will talk about what your time away from your family is really worth. I use industry created guidelines and ten years experience as a working photographer, to help you do the math and create a plan that will work for you and your area. This isn't a class where I tell you to 'copy me'....this is a class where I ask you the tough questions about what you want for your business and you create a business designed by you for your clients. I'm not going to tell you that in person ordering is the only way to do it. Nor am I going to insist you sell digital files. We will look at all the possibilities and the real life numbers required for you to reach your own goals. Don't take my word for it--just look at the reviews for this class in the posts below. The best thing is, after the class ends, I will add you to the private online class of kick ass creatives who are working towards creating a sustainable business. This is the most supportive and creative group on Facebook where we lift each other up together. Where everyone believes that the industry is stronger if we are all succeeding. 

In my brand new marketing class, we will take a look at the next steps towards helping you find clients. So often, when rock star photographers are asked how they market, all they can tell you is 'social media' or 'word of mouth'...well, any 'every day photographer' will tell you that social media and word of mouth alone is not enough. So, we will all work together to create unique marketing plans that work for you and your personality--as well as your family's schedule. We will help you find opportunities that already exist within your own network and help you create an action plan as to how to make those opportunities a reality. 

Each of these classes on their own are $200Cdn. This year, I am doing them together in person for $300Cdn. When my in person workshops for the year are done, I will make the marketing class available online. So, be the first to know...the first in the loop ;) 

I have classes in the works for Chicago, New York, Vancouver and Toronto or Ottawa(or maybe both).

Registration for Okotoks Workshop

When: Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Where: Dana Pugh Photography Studio in Okotoks, AB

Time: 9:00am-5:00pm (lunch will be provided....these usually end in everyone going out for supper, but that is not included in the ticket). 

Price: $300(+gst) 

registration for edmonton workshop

When: Saturday, February 25th, 2017

Where: Studio 107 in Edmonton, AB

Time: 9:00am-5:00pm(lunch will be provided...these usually end in everyone going out for supper, but that is not included in the ticket). 

Price $300(+gst)


Seats are limited so act fast before it is full. 


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