Summer School For Photographers

This is it. 

I absolutely love teaching this class. I truly do. But, it is extremely time consuming and it's been hard for me to figure out a way to offer the class as a 'work at your own pace' option, but I think I have figured out how I'm going to do that and THAT will launch officially in the fall. Soooooo...this is the last class for the forseeable future where I will be there to help guide you. This is the last class group that will be allowed into the incredible top secret alumni group on Facebook(it really is the best place on Facebook and the main reason I haven't deleted my Facebook account). This is the last class where I will stick with you through the nitty gritty--nailing down what is going to work for you. 

What will the new class be like? Well, it's kind of a surprise, will be a part of a larger way I'm hoping to reach other photographers that will launch in the fall. I can tell you that there will be lots of fabulous photography content coming to this space--including a podcast, including private live chats, group mentoring, etc....and this class will be tucked in there somewhere in a completely redone 'work at your own pace' option.

If you want to read all about what the class offers, you can go to this blog post that explains it all.

If you are wondering how you are going to do it with kids in tow, I'll say this--the 'classes' are in audio format so you can listen to them while you are doing other things. I'll from time to time do a live broadcast, but it will remain in the group for you to revisit at your will. There is, of course, some homework...some number crunching and thought digging that you will have to do, but it's relatively easy to complete if you spread it out over the two weeks.

If you have any questions, just ask! If you have wanted to take this class and just haven't found the time to do it--NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO GET ON THAT ;) 

Class runs from July 3rd-14th. It is completed entirely online via a private Facebook group.



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