Apple Pies and Skateboards

Any session where I come home with an apple pie is a win in my mind ;)

An in home Adventure many people think that adventure sessions aren't for them because they aren't that ADVENTUROUS...but, here's the thing, every family's definition of adventure is different. Some like to go hiking in the mountains. Others like to stay home and play board games. Whatever you spend your Sunday afternoons doing is adventure enough for me! Especially if you are going to bake me a pie. 

This family belongs to the outgoing and lovely lady with a slight southern drawl, Christy Swanberg. She pretty much radiates sparkle and sass all at the same time. I wonder if that's a southern thing?

~ Dana

An At Home Adventure Session

Sometimes you just want to have photographs to remember what a normal Saturday morning was in your home. With the kids playing 'hockey' in the living room while mom and dad watch the news. Or, getting carried away with water balloons from Costco. Or just cuddling with your mom or dad on the front steps. These things are all worth remembering.

Summertime Adventure Session

There is something special about visiting the same families year after year. There is a special level of trust that develops and we just relax and hang out while I document their life. I've been documenting this family since their son was a newborn. This year, we went to their new piece of land that they recently acquired. Their plan is to build their 'forever' home here--slowly, over time. I think it is super cool to have photographs of them sitting on the land which will one day be their home. We talked about doing another session here when it is in the framing stage before we get to do one when they are all moved in. I cannot tell you how much I love this idea.

I've been in business for 10 years...photographing for 12. Over those 10 years, I've seen a lot of changes--both in the way that I do things and the way that other people do things as well. These 'adventure sessions' are my ideal way of doing things. The 'slow' answer to photographs. Where I feel free to give my clients everything I've got. Where we work together to create portraits. I never feel rushed during these session...and I try to structure them so my clients can get the best of both worlds--some more casual portraits, as well as, those intimate candid moments that everyone loves so much. There are other more efficient ways of doing things--heck, I even offer a more efficient way which I call Simply Portraits, but these sessions. This is where my heart lies. 

Enjoy a look at this family's time with me. 

Canmore Wedding

It was a super hot day in June when I had the pleasure of documenting this hot, that we cut portraits short and went for a cold beer(or Radler or Burt Reynolds--whatever) over at The Rose and Crown. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do ;) It was a beautiful day filled with family, friends and a whole lot of laughter. Here are some of the images we created together.


~ Dana