Fish Creek Simply Portraits Session

This is from last year--I've already seen this lovely family since these were taken and their little blond cherub is still just as cute!! These were taken in Fish Creek park in Calgary--a popular destination for fall photographs. The thing is--everyone typically goes to the same spot with the red barn and the park is vast and there are many awesome little spots. No need to wait in line for the popular spot. 

My fall is filling quickly. Weekend spots are going fast--so, if you are hoping for a fall session, now is the time to book! Simply Portrait Sessions are super popular in the fall. Quick 45 minute sessions designed to capture casual portraits for your family to enjoy for years to come. Here is an example from last year.

Grandma Barnes and her Grandkids | Simply Portraits

This is one of my favorite Simply Portrait Sessions ever!!! For Christmas(yes, I took these awhile ago now), we gave my mother a session in the studio with all of her grandkids and a custom album. Lots of times, when your family is altogether, the weather outside isn't always right for a family session. That's why I added a studio to my line up. So that I wouldn't be confined to doing sessions in people's homes and outside. It's always warm and dry in the studio ;) So, here are some of my favorite images from the session. Enjoy!

So, if you are looking for something different than fall leaves for your family this year--think about a studio session!! It's a wonderful, modern option and doesn't have to be super stuffy and boring.

~ Dana

Newborn Adventure Session

There is a joy in being invited to document a family's journey that is hard to explain to someone who isn't a photographer. Anyone who has been following me for awhile will recognize this family. They are a favourite of mine and they welcomed a new little boy this summer. So, we hung out at home and then ventured out amongst the mosquitos and the sunset to take some portraits outside as well. 

September and October are filling up quickly. If you are hoping for a session, please contact me soon to ensure a spot in my schedule.

~ Dana

A Backyard Adventure Session (with chickens)

With fall sessions already booking, I thought I would share a favourite Adventure Session from last fall. One of the most common questions I get asked is what is the difference between an Adventure Session and a Simply Portraits Session. Well...for starters, Adventure Sessions are the heart and soul of my business. No truly. These are the sessions I have spent over a decade doing here in the Calgary area. My goal is always to go on an Adventure with a family--whether that adventure is at a park, downtown or right in your own backyard. We explore, we discover, we laugh and have a relaxed time together. This allows me to create both casual portraits, as well as, some more candid or 'documentary' type images. It's really the best of both worlds. 

Here's the thing though--these sessions aren't quick. And, I know that not all families have time to spend on a session like this. You really have to set aside a morning or an afternoon for it all to happen. But--I encourage you to consider taking the day off from all other commitments and taking the time to just live in the moment with your family. To invest in what I have come to call 'slow portraiture''s very similar to the difference between fast food and a home cooked meal made entirely from scratch. You can tell the difference with every bite.

If you are interested in an Adventure Session in 2018, please contact me soon as my calendar is quickly filling up! Until September 1st, book a session and receive a free 12x18 print of your favourite image.

~ Dana