Boy Cave

Often times in my conversations with other photographers I hear things like 'I never shoot above ISO ________(fill in the blank)'. It seems that everyone has heard these rules that you are supposed to follow to create the perfect image. If you shoot above a certain ISO you'll get too much grain to create a good print. It will be too hard to catch focus. And other such nonsense. I think sometimes that these rules were created a long time ago and we have held on to them as a collective. The funny thing is--most photographers now a days are self I wonder where the heck they got these ideas. I mean with every new generation of cameras, the ability to photograph something in darker and darker situations gets better and better. The ISO capability of most modern day cameras is unreal. So, if it's there, why not use it?

One thing I have learned for sure is the only way to get a great image is to take some risks. If you do things the way everyone else is doing them, I guarantee that no one will take a second look at your work. Especially in an age where people are inundated with visual imagery. It's true that sometimes when I take risks, they REALLY don't pay off. But, then there are other times when magic happens. And, it doesn't often happen at ISO 100 ;)

These were shot at dusk...after our session was finished really and I was just goofing around with the boys. They were showing me their incredible treehouse that their granddad built them. I had brought the lantern. I had planned something else, but this was a much better use of it.

Be brave. Take risks. Explore the limits of your gear. You never know what you might create.

~ Dana