Friday's Favorites: Zoku Slushie Maker


I like really cold drinks.

And by that I mean REALLY COLD. I have often thought 'if only every drink I drink can be a slushy'. This is a true story. And, now it can be...I bought one of these on a whim and I freakishly love it. I bought mine at Williams-Sonoma, but you can get yours online here:

I never know what to get older kids for birthdays and Christmas. This has just become my go to gift for them. You keep the insert in the freezer and then when ever you feel like a SLUSHIE you pull it out and put your juice, pop, iced coffee(for real this is so good) in it and stir it around a bit until you have a real slushy. And, so much better for you than the ones at 7-11.

What colour are you going to get?

~ Dana