I fell in love with photography because of my children. Of course, I have always thought they were the most beautiful and interesting creatures in the world and could not stop myself from documenting them. The collection of images we have created together has spanned more than a decade now. I have literally taken hundreds of thousands of photographs of them and it is still not enough. I wish I had taken more. Now that they are entering their teens, I miss the toddlers that they used to be. I want to take those photographs...the kind that will one day bring you back to those toddler(or kid or tween or teen) moments that your heart longs for. I have shared a handful of my favourite images of them below.

Photography has brought a wealth of experiences and opportunities into my life and, for that, I will be forever grateful. Being trusted with documenting those family memories has been a gift for me and my family that I cannot explain in words. I launched my little business in 2007 and had no idea the journey I was about to embark upon. You can see a small glimpse of it here on my website, but there are years of blog posts archived, a fairly active Facebook page and an Instagram account for you to see more should you so wish.

My family and I live in Okotoks, AB, Canada. I am blessed to have a large natural light studio space in my home there. My husband, Bob, is an engineer and all around nerdy dad who is overly proud of my accomplishments. My kids are Jack(16) and Georgia(14)...they are a wondrous mix of the two of us. When they aren't on the stage performing musical theatre numbers, you can find them in the science lab or by our sides as we travel the globe. Thank you for following along.