Award Winning Family Photographer

Sooo...I recently placed 3rd in the family category for the NAPCP's International Image Competition. I have never placed in the family category before actually, so I am pretty proud of this one. I am also proud of it because it isn't a conventional family photograph at all. It also helps that I just love the people in it. They are some of my all time favourite clients. I know I say that about everyone, know what? I see a lot of my clients every year. Every year I get to watch them change and grow and sometimes I am there to celebrate major milestones like Granny Great's 90th Birthday. How awesome is it that this image is now award winning? Pretty awesome to me.3rd_dana_pugh_july2014_gran_s_birthday

I also had a handful of merits. Nice to know that after all these years, I can still place :) I feel unbelievably blessed to have found my calling behind the lens. And, I am excited for some new directions in the near future...both in my client work(not changing what I do...just adding new options) and personal work(planning some bigger projects).

dana_pugh_july2014_freedom dana_pugh_july2014_mother dana_pugh_july2014_nook

There is also an official press release but goodness knows what to do with that ;) If you want to see it for additional proof, I guess you can contact me ;) hahahahaha.

Thanks to the NAPCP and to all of my amazing clients for helping me create images I can be proud of,

~ Dana