Imperfect Perfection

Calgary Family Photographer (Photo by Dana Pugh) I love photographing kids in their rooms. Anyone who has been following me for some time knows this. I have quite a collection of these sorts of photographs now, but I wanted to share this one for a couple of reasons. First--seriously, she is holding a rainbow loom organizer. If you have a child this age, I guarantee you have multiple rainbow loom kits, elastics, bracelets, etc littering your home. 2013/2014 school year will be remembered as the year of the rainbow loom. Second, I love how imperfect her room is. There is this thought that, when you are having family photographs done in your home, you need to make every room kind of...well...perfect. But, in reality NO ONE LIVES THIS WAY. This room is how this kid keeps it. It is her space. Imperfect perfection. Lastly...I have this soft spot in my heart right now for kids this age. Probably because I have two kids in this sort of age bracket myself...but I just adore this in between phase. This caught between being a child and being a teen. This mixture of cool t-shirt and kid slippers. This sort of thing just tugs at my heart. Soon, this little girl will be too concerned with perfect appearance(it really is inevitable in teenage girls). I love that in this moment she is still just her in-between self.

Not a perfect portrait, but imperfectly perfect to me.

~ Dana