What type of photographer are you? I get asked that question all of the time. Of course, the easy answer is that I'm a family photographer(primarily), but, if I'm honest, that answer doesn't truly seem complete. I photograph all sorts of things, the end of the day...what am I drawn to? I think that my clients would tell you that their galleries are often humorous(I always show ridiculous outtakes and anything that makes me chuckle...even if it is no where near 'perfect') and filled with the unexpected(I like it when a bunch of elements magically line up in such a way to capture a bizarre little moment in time)...but that they also shed a tear or two. Because, I am drawn to images where you see little snippets of love in amongst the chaos. I am a pretty mushy mom. My kids are forced to receive my cuddles and hugs and I am secretly pleased that Jack is such a cuddly boy(even at 11 years old). Some of my favourite images from our family sessions over the years are ones of us cuddling up ;) Sooooo...scattered amongst the humour and the moments is the love. And, that in a nutshell, is the type of photographer I think I have become.

Some mama love from this weekend. In other news, I love photographing in the snow. Have I said that before? It is so pretty.

~ Dana