Panorama Family Session

I met this family in Panorama this weekend. It is a special place for them. Their family place...where they go to spend time together. To reconnect after the craziness of life back home. I love meeting families in these types of places. Everybody is so laid back and relaxed...and eager to spend time together.

This family has entered a new phase...I feel a connection to that phase as I feel like we have just entered it as well...that phase where your kids start to be more independent and when they do come to you they come to you for the big things...the things where you have to think about the answers. It is a pretty cool phase.

So...a wee sneak peek for them...just a funny note that this family's surname is in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the longest English surname...I think they probably have some stiff competition from Greek and Icelandic surnames for the longest overall one, but they kick butt in the English category :) Oh, the things I learn...

I will be out in Panorama again this weekend if there is anyone else who would like to do something like this for their family. AND...I love to visit families at their cabins and special me if you have a fabulous idea for your own family :)

~ Dana